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Dorethea Boyd Dobson

This is my biological mother Dorethea Boyd Dobson. She had seven beautiful children and I am the fifth to be born to her. I have two sisters, Tanikeya and Tamara and four brothers, Jasper, Kristopher, Matthew and Herman. At the age of six, my siblings and I were placed in different foster homes due to my mother’s failing health and not being able to take care of us at the time. My mother passed away on April 6, 2013 of kidney failure, liver failure and a host of other things. I miss her dearly. Not having my mom here right now to support me and see me excelling really hurts. I remember when we use to have supervised visitation with her she would spend time with of us and buy us simple little toys that would make us happy. Before my mom passed we had just got to the point of getting closer to one another. Everyday should would let me know how proud of me she was. I was the first to get married and the second to graduate from college. She always encouraged me to better than her and to make something of myself because I deserved to succeed and do well. Her favorite scripture to me was Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” I love writing poetry and I was in the process of publishing a poetry book when my mother passed. I wanted to get it published before she died but unfortunately it didn’t happen that way. Nevertheless I finished the book and published a couple months later and dedicated it to her. I am sure that if she was here right now she would be so proud of me and what I have accomplished. Even though she was unable to care for us when we were young g to she tried to make up for it when she got back into our lives when we got older. She was there for me no matter what and I always knew the right thing to say to me.

 ma rachellecia lex 2lecia lex

Rachel                                                              Alecia and Alexis                                        Alecia and Alexis

Rachel Joyner-Jones

This is my godmother Rachel Joyner-Jones. She has two beautiful daughters, Alecia and Alexis. I met mama Rachel in the year of 1995 when I first moved to Greenville, NC.  I started going to the Boys & Girls Club, Jack Minges Unit. She was the art room teacher and the director of the Boys & Girls Club Choir. From the first time I met her I knew that she be would be someone who would be in my life forever. I fell in love with her sweet and caring personality. Grant it I was not the best child in my preteen and teenage years. She took me in under her wings and treated me just like I was her own daughter. She always told me that she had high expectations of me just as she did Alecia and Alexis. She has been a positive role model in my life because she instilled in me that no matter what I have been through and my situation that I can still be anything that I want to be. I desired to be like her because I saw that she was a single mom working a full time job, going to school full time and taking care of two small children all at the same time. She has been there for me since the day that we met. When I told her that I was going to Walden to get my Master’s in Early Childhood Studies, she said that she was proud of me and that she got her degree from Walden as well. She said you following in my footsteps because I graduated from the same university as she did and now I am going to Walden that she just recently graduated from. Last week I told her that I wanted to quit because I felt like I was not meeting Walden’s expectations as a graduate student. In return she told me “Not an option…you must get use to the Walden standard.” I took that to heart and listened to her. I am going to try my best and stick it out and do my best to meet Walden’s expectations. I thank God every day for placing her and her family in my life.

lesalesa 2

Lesa Jackson

I met my mom Lesa Jackson at the Boys & Girls Club also. At the time she was the Smart Moves program coordinator and she was a teacher at Falkland Elementary School.  She does not have any children that is why I am so special that I am able to be called her daughter. Mama Lesa nurtured me by being there for me when I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to.  I remember when I was in the sixth or seventh grade she had a valentine day basket sent to school for me.  I was called to the office and they handed me the basket and I saw that it was from Ms. Lesa.  I felt so special that day because no one had ever sent me anything or done anything like that for me before. She has been there for me throughout my life to support me financially, emotionally and throughout my educational decisions. Mama Lesa calls me every week to check on me to make sure that I am doing alright. I do believe that God placed her in my life for a reason and that reason is to help me be the young woman that I am today. She is now a teacher at my old high school. I am so blessed to have her in my life and I pray that she will continue to be there for me.


Alice Stancil

I met my mom Alice Stancil also in the year 1995. As you can see a lot of special women were placed in my life in 1995. She and her husband does not have any children but they do have a host of godchildren including myself. God knew it would take several special, loving, caring and understanding women to help raise and take care of me. I met mama Alice at the church I use to go to when I first moved to Greenville. I joined that church and became an Usher. I loved to go to church every Sunday just so I could see her. As I got older her husband became a Pastor and started his own church. I would go and visit their church and play the drums. Finally a couple of years later I decided to join their church and continue to play the drums. I also started singing in the choir, directing the children’s choir and also teaching the children bible class. Mama Alice has been there for me in my life just like the rest of my moms have. She is a woman who shows me love every day. She has been a great inspiration in my life. I look at her life and how she let Christ’s light shine through her to let me know that He is real and that He will forever be by my side. Whenever I am going through and feel so down and out she can find just the right words to make my day. She is the owner of the childcare center that I am working for. I have been working for her and her husband for three years now. I am happy because I get to see her every day and that makes me feel special and every day she tells me that she loves me. There are people who take their parents for granted but I have the chance every day to let her know that I love her. Although my biological mom is no longer with me, I can still show love to all my godmothers. Mama Alice was there for me when my mother passed away in 2013. I really appreciate that they took the time out to be there for me in the time of need. I thank God for placing her in my life to help get and keep me on the right track.

brandon ma n dadma phyllis

Brandon                                       Phyllis and Hubert                                             Phyllis

Phyllis White

This is my mother, Phyllis White. She is a retired school teacher who loves to travel and spend time with my dad. They have one son and his name is Brandon.  I met mama White in 1996. She was a teacher at the elementary school I use to go attend.  I use to get off the bus and walk in the side of the school and there was this beautiful lady that wore make-up and kept her hair done. I would see her standing at the door and she would see me coming in the door to school. One day she asked the cafeteria lady, Mrs. Gloria who I was.  One day when I was going in the school I had on a yellow short and shirt set. I had a pair of earrings in my shirt. There was an earring on the left and right side of my chest. When she saw that she told me to take them out because they were not made to go on my clothes but in my ears. From that day on she has been in my life . When I finally reached high school I thought for sure my days of getting caught were over. It was not long that when I went to school mama had also transferred to the high school that I was attending. When in high school I would do crazy things and get in trouble. I would get sent to choice and she would find out and then talk to me about my behavior. She spent time with me and I got to know her family and love them just like they were my family. Her family is so sweet and loving and has always been there to support me no matter what path I chose to take in my life.  Brandon is my little brother whom I love dearly and would do anything for. I am so blessed to have this beautiful, loving, and caring woman in my life. God knew what He was doing when He placed her and her family in my life.

 Special People

There are a lot of people who has been there for me in my life from a child up until this point in my life. Although my siblings and I are not that close they have still supported me as I took the step to go to college and graduate with a B. S. in Family and Community Services. I am close to my brother Matthew because we share so many things in common. I look up to him because he never let the fact that he was a foster child stop him from exceeding and excelling in school and graduating from college. My brother has also inspired me because he took his talent of singing and rapping and made something of himself. When I saw all the things he accomplished in his life it motivated me to want to do more in my life. My Aunt Josetta Hines has been there for me especially in the passing with my mom. My pastor (Uncle Bro) and his wife (Aunt Rose) has been in my life ever since I have been married to his nephew. My husband Eric has been my support and been there for me when I was in foster care. He was my high school sweet heart and I got married at the age of 20. I fell in love with him. He encourages me all the time and cheers me on especially when I wrote my book, graduated from college the first time and now going back to school. My son Marquez who is a blessing from God. He gives me inspiration every day because just seeing a smile on his face and telling me every day that he loves me makes my day.

famma funeraltt

 The Family                                         Siblings and I at mom funeral                         Tamara and son Zi’yon


Tanikeya                                                         Jasper                                                        Kristopher

matt       aunt rose    20150221_095322

Matthew and Josiah          Aunt Rose and Uncle Bro                               Eric and Marquez

grandma                                                                                       Eva Narcissus Boyd Harris

Grandmother Lil Eva

I definitely want to recognize a very special lady, Eva Narcissus Boyd Harris, that was in my life but that is no longer with me because of the battle she lost to cervical cancer. I lost my mother on April 10, 2003. I miss her dearly and I know that she would be proud of the young lady that I am today. My grandmother “Lil Eva” was the one who sung the “Locomotion” song that was a hit back in the 60’s and still is today. Whenever I hear her song on the radio, I get happy and say that is my grandmother. She was my inspiration because she did not let her illness stop her from serving the Lord and sing glory and praises unto Him. Her favorite song was “My Help” and we sung it at her funeral.  I love and miss my grandmother dearly but I know that she is in a better place.

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  1. Dionna

    You also have a beautiful family. I like the fact that you recognize others as your mom although they may not be biological. I understand completely how loved ones can be as close to you like a parent. My siblings and I aren’t that close also but they are always there to support me as well.


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