Course Resources

Video: Laureate Education, Inc. (2010). The resources for early childhood. Baltimore: Author. Part 1: Position Statements and Influential Practices

Part 2: Global Support for Children’s Rights and Well-Being

Note: Explore the resources in Parts 3 and 4 in preparation for this week’s Application assignment.

Part 3: Selected Early Childhood Organizations

Part 4: Selected Professional Journals Available in the Walden Library Tip: Use the Journal option under Search & Find on the library website to find journals by title.

  • YC Young Children
  • Childhood
  • Journal of Child & Family Studies
  • Child Study Journal
  • Multicultural Education
  • Early Childhood Education Journal
  • Journal of Early Childhood Research
  • International Journal of Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood Research Quarterly
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Social Studies
  • Maternal & Child Health Journal
  • International Journal of Early Years Education

Additional Resources

“Children must be taught HOW TO THINK, not what to think.” ~ Margaret Mead

” In my opinion, young children deserve nothing less than our full commitment to their well-being.” ~ Gay Gronlund

4 thoughts on “Course Resources

  1. I really enjoyed reading your additional resources. I found myself drawn to the National School Psychologist website. It is a wonderful tool for parents and teachers to use. I liked the information sheets provided for parents and teachers to use. After reading your discussion question on school readiness, I found the school readiness sheet for parents. This is a wonderful resource to share-Thank you


  2. I loved reading your resources! I also liked the National School Psychologist website because it’s always good to be informed. There are some students at my center, that I can use this website, to create lesson plans for them!


  3. I enjoyed your additional resources. I especially liked your quotes. I firmly believe that educators should definitely teach a child how to think. If educators did the work for their students then they wouldn’t be called educators! I also enjoyed the resource ” Motivating Learning in Young Children”. It provided plenty of tips for teachers. This resource would definitely be helpful for new teachers.


  4. Hi Dionna,

    I have enjoyed reading your post each week and exploring the resources you have shared. You have always been encouraging and supportive to everyone in class. Thank you for providing opportunities to expand our thinking by the follow up questions that you ask. I wish you well in your journey in the field of early childhood education. Your passion for the field is a great asset to the families, children and colleagues that you work with. You’re a great advocate for the children in your class because you recognize the uniqueness of every child and help them reach their fullest potential.


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