When I Think of Child Development

Quotes About Children

ChildI chose this quote because each child is different in his or her own way and that individually they all have something to bring to the class whether it is their personality, learning style or uniqueness. They are all very different and vibrant but when they are combined they make a beautiful and diverse garden that is ready to blossom with fun and excitement.


I picked this quote because children learn through play. Through play children build their social skills, motor skills and emotional skills and establish friendships. No matter what a child may do in life they are learning. Some may say that children need to focus more on working than plan when in actuality they are working the whole time.


I chose this quote because children are our most valuable resource. If a person ever want to learn anything about a child, all we have to do is sit and observe that child or children in action. Children are going to be the same whether someone is around or not. Children can teach us a lot of things that can help us to create and implement developmentally age appropriate lessons plans and curriculum for the class. We learn of the different types of behaviors and learning styles from each child by watching and observing how they interact in the class.


I chose this quote because as educators we work with children for the most part of their day. We help to establish positive influences on their lives. If we show them love and affection, but discipline at the same time, that will have a positive impact on their life. We can help make a difference in their life and they will have respect for us as an adult. If we neglect the child or the child will feel like they are not loved or wanted, that can have a negative impact on the child’s life and they may never want to trust another adult in their life. It is important that we always display positive and professional attitudes and behavior in front of our children so that they will have a positive outlook on life and school.

2 thoughts on “When I Think of Child Development

  1. Dionna
    Great blog. I love the pictures and your quotes. My favorite quote you posted was the last one. You made a very valid point about making impression on children.


  2. I have to agree with Ha’Neefa! I loved the last quote. No one realizes everything they do impacts a child. I’ve noticed my five year old niece doesn’t say what I say, but she delivers how I say words in her speech. I never knew that was possible! Great quotes šŸ™‚ I used the top quote about flowers and garden this week in my flower activities with my tods-couldn’t agree more!


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