A Note of Professional Thanks


I would like to thank Nicole Maclin and Maranda Heads for their support and feedback to my post in this course. Thank you for sharing your life story with the EDUC 6160-2 class. I have learned a lot from the two of you as well as the others in this class. Thank you for your encouraging words and support in this class. There were many times where I felt like I wanted to give up but when I seen the positive words and pictures throughout the posts, it gave me energy to push a little harder. I pray that as the both of you continue your educational journey that you prosper in all that you do. Continue to advocate for the children in this world. They need strong, loving, educated, supportive, caring people such as you, in their life to help them be better and successful citizens in society. Once again, Thank you for your support throughout this course.

3 thoughts on “A Note of Professional Thanks

  1. Hi Dionna,
    I always enjoyed reading your blogs it was always informative and creative. I will like to thank you for your encouraging words when commenting on my blogs. your motivational words made me think outside the box much appreciated. I wish you nothing but the best.
    Thanks, Maranda Heads


  2. Dionna, you have been wonderful this course!! I really appreciate genuine people who truly care for children. We are a rare breed!! Just know that you GOT this! I felt the same way as you because this class was no joke! But I appreciate you because you have shared your wisdom that has helped me many times to push through. So THANK YOU!!!


  3. Dionna, thanks so much for all of your contributions in this course. You are right, we must all go out and advocate for these children. It can be a trying and thankless job, but we are all here because we love these children and we want to work to help them to develop to all of the potential that is possible for each of them. It is so much easier to persevere Good luck in all that you do.


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