Establishing Professional Contacts and Expanding Resources

Establishing Professional Contacts

So far this week I tried to contact some professionals through the Global Alliance of NAEYC but access was denied so I tried the UNICEF website. Using that site I have emailed someone in Angola, Djibouti, Costa Rica, Ghana, and Malaysia. I have sent them emails as to who I am and why I am trying to get in contact with an early childhood professional. Unfortunately, I have not received any response from anyone at this time. I am looking forward to someone to respond but until then I will do the alternate assignment.

As an alternate the website that I chose to research was Save the Children. I subscribed to this website to receive newsletters and information about Save the Children. I also joined them on Facebook. The Save the Children is a program that works for the child and their betterment towards their education and life. In looking through the website, I stopped to read the annual report and to my amazement they have impacted so many children across the world. Save the Children ensures that every child has the opportunity to learn. They also support the quality level of education and learning for all children, whether at home or at school. They also help school age children to be active and healthy so that they will not drop out of school or fall behind (Save the Children, 2015). As time go by, I will continue to do research on this program and learn more about who they service and learn more on how I can help or be an advocate.

Expanding Resources

I have chosen the Harlem Children’s Zone Program. I have signed up to receive their newsletter, so for now I am waiting for them to process my request. In looking at their site, I stopped to read about the history of their program. They have five core principles:

  1. Serve an entire neighborhood comprehensively and at a scale to create a “tipping point” and definitively shift the culture of the community
  2. Create a pipeline of coordinated, best-practice programs to give our children and families seamless support from birth through college and maximize their outcomes
  3. Build community among residents, institutions, and stakeholders in order to create a healthy, positive environment where our children can thrive
  4. Evaluate program outcomes and create feedback loop to provide managers with real-time data and strengthen services
  5. Cultivate an organizational culture of success rooted in passion, accountability, leadership, and teamwork         (Harlem Children’s Zone, n.d.).

Through these principles they are able to serve children as young as infants to people in adulthood. This is a program that believes in making a change in one child and one community at a time. There is a lot of important information to be shared from this site. As I continue to further read more about this program, I will look forward to sharing the information and knowledge, and statistics.


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2 thoughts on “Establishing Professional Contacts and Expanding Resources

  1. Hi Dionna, Reading your blog on expanding resources was very informative also I’m in the same predicament your in as for as hearing a response from the early childhood educators from different countries. However, I’m still emailing a few other educators until I get a response. Good luck with everything look forward to reading more of information you researched and came up with.


  2. I know that it wasn’t easy to gain international contact and so I google my contact’s name and got in touch with her via Facebook. Just a suggestion, I got in touch with her quicker that way. I love the interesting way you made your blog. It was fascinating and I enjoyed reading it. Hopefully you hear something from someone soon but I’m glad you chose the alternative because that will prove to be great knowledge for us all.


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