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Children as well as their families are affected by poverty daily due to the lack of housing, money or any other necessity to be able to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The Harlem Children’s Zone is an organization that is for the children to help them get out of poverty and become productive citizens in society. The HCZ has achieved unprecedented success, helping thousands of children and families and disrupting the cycle of generational poverty in Central Harlem through our innovative and effective programs (Harlem Children Zone, n.d.).  They work with children as young as infants up to high school to get them prepared for college.  This organization services over 12,000 children to help them to become productive independent adults. The Harlem Children’s Zone has always been driven by the belief that the success of our children and the strength of the community go hand in hand.  Their needs are inseparable and must be addressed together in order to break the cycle of generational poverty and give our kids a real shot at the American dream (Harlem Children Zone, n.d.).

This week’s topic on changing demographics and diversity can be recognized within this organization. This organizations works for and with children of all ages, races, religions, cultures, ethnicity,and gender. These children are not looked upon in negative ways from each other because they know where they come from and where they are trying to get to in life. Poverty does not affect just one race or gender, it affects all people of any race, religion, culture, and gender.


Harlem Children’s Zone. (n.d.). Retrieved from

5 thoughts on “Sharing Web Resources

  1. Yes, this is another organization making a differences in the lives of young children and their families. I never heard of it until now but wasn’t surprised by what you wrote giving their location. I am familiar with Harlem and know that quite a few organizations are established there making great gains in many different areas (academically, socially, financially, emotionally, physically and mentally). I thank you for your post and making them relevant still.


  2. Hi Dionna, love reading your blogs your information on Harlem children Zone was very interesting. I agree that poverty does not only affect one race or gender it affects everyone very true rich or poor.
    Thanks Maranda


  3. Dionna,
    Thanks for sharing. This organization sounds great. Wow! They have already helped thousands of kids change their life. Great blog.


  4. Dionna,

    Thank you for sharing your post. It is great to know there are other organization willing to help children. I have to agree with you on poverty does not affect by their race or gender. I never heard of Harlem Children’s Zone until you posted great information about this organization.



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