Consequences on learning about the International Early Childhood Field


First I would like to say thank you to Dr. Horton for all the positive feedback in this course and broadening my thinking with asking questions to further explain my reasoning. I would also like to thank my colleagues for their enrichment learning in the blogs and discussion throughout the course. It has been a pleasure to be in this course with you and I pray that you all will continue to be successful as you move forward in your educational journey at Walden University. I look forward to being in many more classes with some of you.

Throughout this course we have been learning about the international early childhood field through contacting an international professional, through podcasts, from articles, and websites. Many of us were unable to make actual contact with an international professional but we were still able to gain knowledge about other countries and their education through the podcasts, articles, and websites.


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1. Education:

The first consequence that I chose is the consequence of education. Throughout many countries the level of education for most teachers or educators is credentials or a BA. I know in the U.S., the educators, teachers and professionals have a BS or better when it comes to working in the field. Although in some countries those higher degrees are not mandatory, but how can we expect our children to have an equal chance at a high quality education if the educators are not educated themselves? I was so shocked that most countries were not as strict or stern on the teachers requirements as the United States. It is very imperative that the educators, teachers, and professionals continue to seek higher education so that they will be able to provide their children in the class room a chance at high quality learning.

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2. Research

The second consequence is research.Through the research online, we are able to find out information about the different countries and compare our educational system, theories, policies, and learning styles and compare it to the country in where we reside. In looking at the different trends and issues that are at hand such as poverty, high-quality education and many other, we can always do research on other countries and compare what we are facing to what they are facing at the same time. Some countries may be faced with more adversities then other countries, and be less fortunate to have any aid or assistance. Also though the research of other countries and comparing out trends and issues, we can come up with ways to implement a strategy that may be working in their class in their country and try it with our class to help promote positive and effective learning within the class. Through research we can find solutions and proactive steps to help reduce, eliminate, and eradicate certain issues and trends that one will encounter.

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3. Communication:

The third consequence is communication. The good thing about the internet and being online is that we always have information at hand to learn about different countries and their educational system. There are plenty of Early Childhood Educators that can be found through the use of the internet through e-mails, personal mail, Facebook, and by the telephone, that are leaders of research, initiatives, and programs. The internet also provides the opportunity to communicate with the Early Childhood Educators from different countries around the world to get their perspective on education and find out how they operate in their classroom. Also through communication we are able to find out some struggles or obstacles that they may have faced as being an early childhood educator to help and encourage us along the way.

Future Goal

 One goal I can make for the early childhood education field in the context of international issues and trends is to continue to stay current on the research of different trends and issues such as poverty, high-quality education, equity and excellence, politics, neuroscience, and influences of economics. In learning about these trends and issues, I found myself asking what can I do to make a difference or bring about a change to some of these trends and issues? What I came up with was to keep myself educated through research to track the issues and trends and to keep studying to see how we can decrease if not do away with some of the trends permanently. I know this may seem far fetch but if we as a team and community of educators, teachers, and professionals come together in unity, we can make a difference and change the world but we have to work together and not against each other in order to get things accomplished.

3 thoughts on “Consequences on learning about the International Early Childhood Field

  1. Hi Dionna, Your blog was very informative. Also I agree with you if all educators principle, counselors work together as a team we can make a difference in children life by guiding them in the right direction.


  2. Once again, I think this was very through and attractive. I hope that it attracts the right attention and that you can continue to advocate as you have for children and their families. This course has got me to thinking also about what can I do more on my end? I think that we have been so concern with home, and we should, but we realize that many aren’t afforded the voice, opportunity or resources to make lasting and effective changes. I hope that in the future we can see advancement not only at home but abroad.


  3. Dear Dionna,

    Thank you for this interesting post. It shows your passion and dedication.
    All the best for the rest of the program.


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