Personal Research Journey

Inclusion in the Classroom

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I have chosen the topic inclusion but specifically about making the early childhood classrooms accessible for children with disabilities and their families. I chose this topic because when I was in high school, I would go to my god-mom class and work with her in her classroom. Some of the children were with severe disabilities while some where high functioning. I found her students to be very loving and caring and I enjoyed being around them. Although I do not have any children in my classroom with any disability, I would love to learn more about how I can make my classroom accessible for them and to be able to accommodate them when they do arrive in my class. I want to learn how to do variations to the creative curriculum, how to set up my classroom, and get to know the child. Inclusion has been taught through so many of the courses but this is a topic that will forever need to be researched because at some point in time there will be a child in the class that might have a disability that ranges from behavior all the way to a more sever disability.

I am not one that is big on research but at the same time I am willing to learn the appropriate steps I need to take in order to do a proper research on my topic. To help me get through this course and the research, I plan on using Walden’s Online Library as well as Google Scholar to find the information that I may need in order to research my topic. Using these two resources along with the others will help me a great deal because it is giving me a starting place. In using creating and filling in the chart from this weeks application part 1, I have learned new terminology that will help me to read literature and to do a research review. I will be able to use research of other researchers to formulate my own research method which is called triangulation.

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To all my colleagues that may need a place to start to do research, the Walden University online library  and Google Scholar are 2 resources that we can use as the starting point on doing research. Right now, I do not have any resources to provide to my colleagues but as the course progresses there will be plenty of resources to help get a better understanding about inclusion and the classroom. To my colleagues, Do you have any children in your class with a disability? If so, how do you incorporate inclusion in your class? If not how would you use research to learn more about inclusion in the classroom?

4 thoughts on “Personal Research Journey

  1. Dionna,

    I’m glad we have another class together, it’s nice to have a familiar voice. Inclusion has also interested me as well. I feel that this would be my biggest struggle, yet interest if I worked in an actual classroom with older students. I look forward to hearing about what you’ve learned during this research class. Best of luck!


  2. Dionna & Nichole,
    I feel the same way!! I love seeing your comments in the discussion forums etc. I can’t wait to read/see your research on inclusive education!!! It’s always a topic that needs supporters! I have a young child in my classroom who looks to have learning/physical disabilities, so I might be able to use information you’ve obtained in my room!!!! Thank you so much


  3. Dionna
    I’m glad to have you in this class as well. I like the fact that you are interested in inclusion because you never know when you may have to serve a child in your classroom. Inclusion is a very important topic. If you have the time you should visit some classrooms again to see the change in the environment. Having an inclusion classroom comes with challenges but the best thing to have is an open mind and heart to serve children. I believe that you already have these characteristic because you had the compassion to blog about the topic. Thanks Dionna!! I enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing!!!


  4. Dionna,

    Great post. A topic that interest me in the previous class. I am interested in what you research about inclusion collaborative. I enjoy reading your post.


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