When I Think of Research…

media-quantitative-and-qualitative-research-2012-1-728I must say in the beginning when this class first started, I was nervous due to the fact that I knew nothing about research or what the work was going to be like in this course. As the course started and the weeks went by, I gained a lot of insight about research from using research as a tool, choosing a topic, learning about quantitative, qualitative and mixed method design, design issues, equity and much more. I also gained the insight of how important it is to maintain confidentiality and privacy when interviewing children and their families.

Before this course, I always had problems with reading research papers and sometimes did not want to read them because some of them were too long to read. I did not know how to read a research paper prior to this class and that made it difficult and a very time-consuming task,  but over the course I have learned that it is not necessary to have to read the whole research paper. I have learned on what I should focus more on and give my attention to and also what I could skim through and still get the whole meaning of the paper. I now find it a lot easier and smoother to read a research paper without getting frustrated because I do not understand what I am reading or what certain words mean. getting_started_researching

I have learned when it comes to planning, designing, and conducting a research study in the early childhood field that it is important to pick a topic that can be narrowed down and a hypothesis can be formed. I also learned that it is important to ensure the validity of one’s research design, consider ethical issues, and recognize limitations in one’s research study. I also learned the importance of ethics and equity in research. It is vital that every person is respected and have equal power in the research study no matter what nationality, race, religion, gender, class, socioeconomic status, or culture. I also learned that a  researcher must have very strong ethics, work collaboratively with other researchers, and always be open for unexpected outcomes because there will be times where the outcome is not what was predicted or presented in the beginning.

One challenge that I encountered was choosing a topic that could be narrowed down and could form into a research question. I wanted to do inclusion in a childcare setting, and then changed it to what impact would inclusion have a a child?, and then I changed it a third time to how can a child become independent in an inclusion child care setting? I finally found the topic that I would get the most answers for. I resolved this problem by looking at the responses from the instructor on the charts and discussions boards to narrow down my topic to feel more comfortable. I also took into consideration the different types of research design. Another problem I encountered were the terminology. Some of the words in the text, I had no clue as to what they meant even after I read what was in the text and in the glossary. In terms with the book, I also used the internet to help me put in layman terms to help me fully understand what the word meant in the context in which it was used. Sometimes the terms can be more understandable when they are easily worded differently.

As a result of this course my perceptions of an early childhood professional have been modified in the fact that I have come to the conclusion that in early childhood education research is a necessity to evaluate current methods, policies and procedures. In this field research has been the sole way of developing new ideas for the early childhood field for years. It is also equally important to stay current on research, new methods and theories as it pertains to early childhood.

download-thank-you-for-your-help-clip-art-6844I would like to take the time out to say thank you to all of my colleagues for their support and comments on the discussions and the blogs. It has been a honor and privilege being in this course with you all. I pray that you will have a blessed and safe Christmas and New Year. Peace and blessings as you embark on future courses at Walden University.

Thank you, Dr. Todd for your prompt responses to my e-mails. I also want to thank you for being a great instructor and your comments on all assignments. This has been a rough but very informative course and I have gained a lot of knowledge on research. Once again thank you for everything.thank_you_cards_images_4383276379

5 thoughts on “When I Think of Research…

  1. Hello Dionna, I am glad to say that I was also nervous about this class before I started and still am a little nervous in terms of the capstone coming up. I will most definitely use these tools when we have to write the 50 page paper at the end of our journey and I hope that I do well enough to pass and graduate! I have learned a lot and have learned about how to create a research simulation. Good luck to you Dionna!



  2. Your blogs were always colorful, informative and delightful to read. I thank you for your commitment to have them ready for us as classmates in a timely manner so that we can post on time. You have been a breath of fresh air and help calm my nerves a few times when I saw that my blogs were on the right track when I visited your blog. Thank you and I wish you well with everything and have a bless holiday and a great ending to your academic journey.

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  3. This class was definitely not what I was expecting either. It was very overwhelming especially with all the changes that have happened in my personal life over the last few months. Comments and critiques from peers and Dr. Todd helped me figure out what I need to do to get to the final paper. I am worried about a 50 page paper for the capstone and hope this class will help me through the last class and remember what is needed for a successful paper. Best of luck in your future classes and look forward to seeing you in other classes.


  4. Dionna

    I always love to read your blogs. I appreciate you content, it is very interesting and informative. I start reading the and I have to finish you blog because your blogs are so personal. I have enjoyed every class that we have had together. I pray we make to the finish line very soon and complete this degree. Keep up the good work!! Be blessed!!!


  5. Hi Dionna ,
    Its been a minute since I commented on your blog . I always enjoy reading your informative blog . Before starting this class I was nervous and uninterested in learning about research because from classes I took in the past on research was boring and overwhelming to me. I agree with you in regarding the challenging part is narrowing a topic at times I find it difficult but overall I did enjoy studying and learning about hypothesis in research.
    Also I want to thank you for your insightful feedback and I wish you nothing but the best.


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