Welcoming Families From Around the World

You are working in an early childhood setting of your choice—a hospital, a child care center, a social service agency. You receive word that the child of a family who has recently emigrated from a country you know nothing about will join your group soon. You want to prepare yourself to welcome the child and her family. Luckily, you are enrolled in a course about diversity and have learned that in order to support families who have immigrated you need to know more than surface facts about their country of origin.


The name of “my” family’s country of origin: Mozambique

I am receiving a new student in my classroom at the center where I work. I found that I am getting a new child from Mozambique and in order for me to be culturally responsive towards the family, I will:

  1.  Research as much information I can about the culture of Mozambique and their way of living in order to gain a better insight of the child and his/her family to learn more about them.th
  2. Incorporate the knowledge and the information that I have researched to put up posters, pictures, words, their country’s flag, and other items in the class on the walls or doors to make sure that they feel welcome and that their country, culture, and language are recognized.
  3. Prepare the students as well to let them know that we have another student from another country coming to be in the class with us. I will discuss with them the topic of diversity and to help them understand that their new peer might not speak the same language as them but that we would all learn and grow together as one.
  4. I would also learn how to speak some hi
    small phrases in their language especially the greetings good morning- Bom dia! (bom-dee-ah) and goodbye- Adeus! (ah-deuzh). I would label some of the things in the classroom with their native language as well as English to let them know that their home language is recognized and that they are valued as well.
  5. Before hand, I will try to go and find pãozinho, which are Portuguese paozinho_peito_de_perufrench-style buns to share with the student and his/her family as well as the other children  to use as in icebreaker or a meet and greet snack.

I believe in doing all of these preparations will benefit the parents as well as myself because it will help make the parents feel at ease coming to a new country and seeing that their country, culture, and language are displayed within the class and making them feel at home. It will also be beneficial because because it will give me a chance to establish a rapport with the parents to learn more about their families and culture to see what they like and do not like. I think the parents would be more open because they will see that I have taken the time out to learn and do research about their country .



3 thoughts on “Welcoming Families From Around the World

  1. Awesome blog post Dionna! I especially love the idea of labeling items in the classroom in their language, and finding one of their cultural foods to use as a meet and greet snack. Reading your post I wish this were actually going to happen so I could be a part of this great welcoming experience. 🙂


  2. Dionna
    I enjoyed you post. You came up with some excellent ideas to incorporate in the classroom. I did not think about taking it up notch and adding labels. Thanks for sharing all of you wonderful idea’s.


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