Communication Styles and Television Show

liv n maddie

The show that I decided to watch on this week was Liv and Maddie. My son loves watching this show as I am not one who watches a lot of television. I decided to watch this show because I have never seen this show and I wanted to see why my son loves it so much. Come to find out he thinks that the girls are really pretty.

The episode that I watched was about someone having a crush on one of the girls and he was her secret admirer and while this is going on there is also a ghost hunt going on the Voltage movie set. When the show first comes on there is a young man bringing in one of the girls in his arms as it appears that she was hurt. She comes to herself and they are gazing in one another’s eyes. From the looks of things it appears that they like each other because they are so close and it seems like they are going to kiss. Come to find out that was just a scene from the movie Voltage they were shooting. After that they were taking a break and the young girl who was the superhero was talking to a woman who I think is the mom and she hugs her but her face says that she is not happy that she is there. I did not think that the two of them got a log because of the look on the young girl’s face. As the show goes on I could see that the young man was not interested in the girl from the set but he liked her sister. The girl from the set appeared happy that he had a crush on her sister but her sister did not look to thrilled when she found out. Her sister is into basketball. The young man came over to their house and he found her in the back yard playing basketball. He looked nervous to talk to her by the way that he was crossing his arms and the look on his face. She did not seem interested in him at all until he way going up for a shot and theymaxresdefault were standing face to face. I thought they were going to kiss but he must have said something funny because she covered her mouth and was laughing. Needless to say it seems like they were starting to like each other.

Then there are the scenes when the sister’s brothers, the director and her boyfriend were on a ghost hunt. I could tell that the director had a boyfriend from the way she was blushing and twirling. When he came through the door she was smiling hard and I could see that they had a great relationship. As the ghost hunt goes on there were parts were all of the characters were scared because I could see episode-image-320x180them jump and look around. There was even one part where the director was squeezing her boyfriend’s hand. Come to find out there was no ghost at all but the boys and the sisters mom standing outside eating a cake. The older boy appeared to be mad and upset with is mom because of the way he was looking at her and talking with his hands. Near the end the mom seemed upset because she took the box that had the cake in it from the director and threw it in the trash.

In going back and viewing the show with the volume on I could see that I was right and wrong about some of the assumptions that I made. I was wrong about the fact that the young man whose name is Josh has a crush on Liv who is the superhero but I find that he has a crush on her sister Maddie. I was right however about the part where the Liv was not thrilled to see her mom on the set because she had been there twice already in one week. I was also right about the fact that Josh and Maddie liking each other because even though Joey lied about having a basketball scene in the movie Maddie pretended that she did not know and told him that he should come over there every afternoon and practice. She really did like him as much as he liked her. I was right about the son being upset with his mom because he said she never has time to make him breakfast but found the time to steal a cake. The mom was also mad at the director because the cheesecake that she stole did not come from Los Angeles but came from some dirty restaurant beside a gas station and so the mom took the box and threw it in the trash.


I believe that even if I chose to watch a show that I am familiar with I still would not be able to guess everything right because actions can be deceptive. How things appear to me on television without words may become different with sound as it did with the show Liv and Maddie. I can only assume as to what I thought was happening or what it appeared to be.

One thing that I would like to share is that watching anything without sounds makes it harder to understand what is really happening because all we have are the gestures and body languages to make assumptions off of without the sound. I believe that sounds with nonverbal cues is important to have so that we will not be easily deceived or contradicting to others.

5 thoughts on “Communication Styles and Television Show

  1. Dionna,

    My girls love this show. I have seen the show a couple times and there is a lot of nonverbals. I have seen the loving family, fighting sisters, and the crushing teens. I think nonverbals speaks a lot louder than words. I trust nonverbals more than words.


  2. Dionna, I watch this show all the time with my niece!!! The comedy in this show I feel are more based on their non verbal cues, but I agree with you when it comes to the misleading nature! Great choice 🙂


  3. Dionna,
    My children also love this show and like your son my two sons only watch it because of the pretty girls as well. There are a lot of nonverbal cues on this show. I have to agree with you that when watching certain shows without sound it does make it that much harder to understand what is going on as your are trying to describe it based on what you are seeing and sometimes what you see and hear can be two completely different things. Great post and great visuals.


  4. Dionna,
    I love Liv and Maddie. We watch Disney in our house all the time and we have a 15 year old who you would think would be out of this stage. The show that you wrote about does sound familiar but I am not quite sure if I remember everything. Liv and Maddie is a great show to watch for nonverbal gestures since it is over animated in its acting to make scenes funnier. Just like you, even though I watched the show, I am not sure with just the gestures I would have guessed everything right. Although I probably could have come close from all my years as an avid Disney fan. Great blog !!!!!!!


  5. Dionna,

    I don’t have kids, so I actually have never heard of this show. By the pictures of the show, there are a lot of nonverbal cues. I believe that nonverbal shows more feelings than words. The facial expression and gestures show exactly how they feel.


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