What I Have Learned


One hope that I have when thinking about working with children and families is to expose them to the different diversity that is within this world. I would hope and pray that I will be able to help the children and their families grow a deeper understanding and knowledge of differences in each individual and to have an appreciation for all people. I also hope that families would learn how to embrace their differences and cultures and be more open in sharing their cultures, rituals, values, and beliefs with other children and families with in 1585295626_1340580375the classroom setting. In doing this it can help enclose the gap between educators and families, help educate other families and children, bring the community in unity, and use as a teaching instrument in realizing and understanding accepting everyone. My overall hope is to make each family feel loved, valued, comfortable, and respected within the classroom in learning who they are and also let them know that I am teachable as well.

One goal I would like to set for the early childhood Diversity-Embracefield related to diversity, equity, and social justice would be to educate and provide teachers with more courses and/or training in diversity. As early childhood professionals we need to stay abreast on current trends as well as new notions or concepts so that we can edify our students to the finest of our abilities and to their fullest potential. I will also like to stay up-to-date in anti-bias education and see it incorporated more into classrooms. In staying current on the latest trends and issues of the world, I will be able to not only educate myself, but my students and fellow colleagues as well.

thankYouKidsI would like to say thank you to my colleagues for all of your support throughout this course through the discussion boards, and blog post. Not only have you helped me grow as an individual, mother, and educator, you have helped me grow as a person. I appreciate all of the comments that were posted on my discussion posts as well as blog, I read each and every comment and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your feedback. This has not been an easy journey for me but because of your support, I have been able to strive a little further. May we continue to learn and grow together as we move into our next course. I pray for your future success as you continue your educational journey at Walden University.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you, Dr. Kien for all your feedback and promptthank-you-so-much-for-your-support-god-bless-you-dr-kien-2
replies to my mass of emails I have been sending you throughout the course. You are truly a great instructor. I have enjoyed have you teach me and encouraging me to dig deep within myself and find out who I truly am and be free to express it through my work. I appreciate your words of encouragement, your corrections throughout my work, and most of all your understanding and knowledge of the information presented in this course.

7 thoughts on “What I Have Learned

  1. Hi Dionna,

    It has been a pleasure to be with you in this class. Your posts were always very informative and well-thought. I love that your goal s to provide teachers with more training on diversity. Team work is always a great way to solve problems and the route to the best practices. If we help spread the word and the knowledge on how important is diversity and inclusion, we can achieve great things. A common misconception in my country is that anyone can be a teacher, and more over, a teacher assistant. I have seen teacher assistants with no degrees and that have barely finished High School. As you said, childhood professionals should be up to date with current trends. I believe that educators are just like doctors. We have to keep studying and renewing our knowledge because we can become obsolete very quick.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm in this class!


  2. Dionna,

    It was great having you in another class. You have helped provide each of us with experience and knowledge on how to better ourselves as an educator. You’ve been a great support system throughout this course through the discussion board as well as the blog posts. Thank you for all your help! Best of luck in your future, I hope to share another class with you!


  3. Dionna,

    I had the opportunity to be in many courses with you and have enjoy reading your ideas thoughts. Your overall hope is one that we all should strive to meet. I pray you have much success in your future.


  4. Dear Dionna,
    It was pleasant studying with you in these 8 weeks. Thank you for sharing your experience and perspectives about teaching and learning in diversity. I am thankful for learning with you in this course. I like your goal about educating other teachers about the anti-bias knowledge. It is not enough powerful for only small number of people to promote the anti-bias education, it calls for the whole educator to engage and make contribution to the field. People might think educators are knowledgeable and know what they should do and say. I would say yes and no. “Because we all have multiple social identities, each of us contains a complex set of internalize privileges and oppressions, with differing balances between the two”, (Derman-Sparks & Olsen Edwards, 2010, p.27). All the best to your ongoing journey in the next course in Walden and wish you achieve your goal in the future! God bless you!
    Derman-Sparks, L., & Olsen Edwards, J. (2010). Anti-bias education for young children and
    ourselves.Washington, DC: NAEYC


  5. Dionna,
    It has been my pleasure to follow you throughout this entire course, You’re discussion questions and blogs have all been informative and inspirational. You will go far in your career because you are creative and have the innovative sight to be successful. Teachers and educators have an obligation to make sure that children are exploited to the best practices and programs to exude excellence. I feel confident that you will work to advocate for our children and their future. Good luck!


  6. Hi Dionna,
    I have enjoyed being with you in class and your post and discussions were very informative. It is a great goal to teach others in the field about anti-bias and diversity. I wish you luck in all that you choose in your life.


  7. Dionna,
    It has been a great pleasure learning and growing with you. This was a awesome class and it allowed me to go deep within a discover myself the good and the bad. My hopes are to continue to grow so I can help a child or family in need. I wish you well as you continue to be a life time learner in the world of education.


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