Words of Inspiration and Motivation

“Do it well, finish it properly, and move on.”        ~ Eunice Kennedy Shriver

“You are the stars and the world is watching you. By your presence, you send a message to every village, every city, every nation. A message of hope, a message of victory. The right to play on any field? You have earned it. The right to study in any school? You have earned it. The right to hold a job? You have earned it. The right to be anyone’s neighbor? You earned it.

~ Eunice Kennedy Shiver (1987)


“We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, to ignore the small daily difference we can make which, overtime, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee.”                                            ~ Marian Wright Edelman

This is the prayer from the end of Marian’s Standing Up For The World’s Children: Leave No Child Behind Speech in 1996. “O GOD OF ALL CHILDREN, O God of the children of Cracow and Cairo, Chicago and Croatia.  Help us to love and respect and protect them all.  O God of black and brown and white and Albino children and those all mixed together, Of children who are rich and poor and in between, Of children who speak English and Russian and Hmong and Spanish and languages our ears cannot discern, Help us to love and respect and protect them all.  O God of the child prodigy and child prostitute, of the child of rapture and the child of rape. Of run or thrown away children who struggle every day without parent or place or friend or future, Help us to love and respect and protect them all.  O God of the ones who can walk and talk and hear and see and sing and dance and jump and play and of children who wish they could but they can’t. Of children who are loved and unloved, wanted and unwanted, Help us to love and respect and protect them all.  O God of beggar, beaten, abused, neglected, homeless, AIDS, drug, and hunger-ravaged children, of children who are emotionally and physically and mentally fragile, and of children who rebel and ridicule, torment and taunt, Help us to love and respect and protect them all.  O God of children of destiny and despair, of war and of peace, of disfigured, diseased, and dying children, Of children without hope and of children with hope to spare and to share, Help us to love and respect and protect them all.” ~ Marian Wright Edelman



The Passion For Early Childhood Passion and Motivation

Louise Derman-Sparks

Her passion is to make sure all children were taught in environments and in ways that truly nurtured their ability to grow and develop to their fullest ability.

Sandy Escobido

Deputy Field Director-Los Angeles Preschool Advocacy Initiative-California Community Foundation

Sandy writes grants to eight different schools in Los Angeles for parents to become advocates for their children. She goes to the meetings and she stated ” What motivates me is when I see parents learning how to speak to policy makers, learning how to write letters, learning how to tell their stories and share their voice regardless of all the challenges going on.”


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